Companies Act 2014


Adaptation of certain provisions of UCITS Regulations

1389. Regulations 17(11), 40(2), 42(4)(d), 104(2), 125 to 127, 129 to 131, 134(1) to 134(9), 135(1) and 135(2) of the UCITS Regulations apply to an investment company as they apply to the bodies to which those Regulations relate subject to the following modifications—

(a) a reference in those Regulations to a term or expression specified in the second column of the Table to this section at any reference number shall be read, where the context admits, as a reference to the term or expression specified in the third column of that Table at that reference number; and

(b) references to cognate terms or expressions in those Regulations shall be read accordingly.


Ref. No.


Term or expression referred to in UCITS Regulations


Construction of term or expression for purposes of this section






“these Regulations”

Part 24 of the Companies Act 2014



“investment company”