Companies Act 2014


Registration as a company of body to which section 1312(1) applies

1315. (1) A body corporate specified in subsection (1) of section 1312, not being—

(a) a body referred to in that section as an excluded body, or

(b) a joint stock company within the meaning of Chapter 5,

may apply to be registered under this Chapter as—

(i) a private company limited by shares,

(ii) a designated activity company,

(iii) a public limited company,

(iv) a company limited by guarantee, or

(v) an unlimited company,

but this is subject to the provisions of this Chapter and the appropriate requirements under the applicable Part of this Act being satisfied.

(2) Registration on foot of such an application shall not be invalid by reason that it has taken place with a view to the company’s being wound up.

(3) Notwithstanding anything in this Part and, in particular, the definition of “joint stock company” in Chapter 5, subsection (1) applies to, amongst other bodies corporate, the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland and Chapter 5 shall not apply to the latter body corporate.

(4) Notwithstanding anything in paragraph (a) of that subsection, subsection (1) applies to, amongst other bodies corporate, a society registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1893 to 2014.