Forestry Act 2014


Registration under Act of 2006 of conditions and replanting orders

21. (1) Where a replanting order is served on any person (including a variation to such an order under section 26(9)), the Minister may, as soon as may be after so serving or varying the order, send a copy thereof to the Authority which shall—

(a) in the case of registered land, register the replanting order as a burden affecting such land, or

(b) in the case of unregistered land, register the replanting order as a deed within the meaning of Part 3 of the Act of 2006.

(2) Where—

(a) subsection (1) applies, and

(b) in whole or in part, the burden has been discharged or modified,

the Minister shall, upon application by the owner, issue to the Authority a certificate stating the extent to which, in his or her opinion, the burden has been discharged, or modified.

(3) The Authority shall, on receipt of the certificate, register it as proof of the discharge, partial discharge, or modification (according to the terms of the certificate) of the burden.

(4) The Minister shall send a copy of the certificate to the owner.

(5) No fees shall be payable to the Authority in respect of any steps taken under this section.