Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013


Bank may apply to High Court for orders enforcing directions.

47.— (1) If the Bank is of the opinion that a direction given under subsection (1) or (4) of section 45 has not been or is not being complied with, the Bank may apply to the High Court for an order requiring a person to comply with the direction.

(2) If the High Court is satisfied that a person has refused or failed or is refusing or failing to take an action the person is required to take by or under a direction given under subsection (1) or (4) of section 45, the High Court may make an order requiring the person to take that action.

(3) On an application to it under subsection (1), the High Court may make any such interim or interlocutory order as it considers appropriate.

(4) An order under subsection (2) may include an order to take such ancillary or incidental steps as the High Court may consider appropriate to give full effect to the order.

(5) Where the High Court is satisfied, because of the nature or the circumstances of the case or otherwise in the interests of justice, that it is desirable, the whole or any part of proceedings under this section may be heard otherwise than in public.