Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013



73.—(1) A person shall pay—

(a) on application for a registration, licence, permit, approval, authorisation or certificate of the Minister or other person under animal health and welfare regulations,

(b) in respect of an inspection required before consideration of an application mentioned in paragraph (a),

(c) in respect of the provision of any examination, test or analyses of an animal, animal product, animal feed or other thing or sample, or

(d) in respect of any treatment of an animal by the Minister,

such fee (if any) as may be fixed from time to time by the Minister.

(2) Different fees may be fixed in respect of applications for different classes of the matters referred to in subsection (1) but may not exceed the cost of providing the service, estimated by the Minister, to which the fee relates.

(3) The Minister or other person referred to in subsection (1) shall not consider an application unless it is accompanied by the appropriate fee (if any).

(4) The Minister may publish in such manner as he or she decides fees fixed under this section.