Education and Training Boards Act 2013



50.— (1) An education and training board may charge, receive and recover, for any services provided by the board, such fees as the board may, with the consent of the Minister, from time to time determine.

(2) The fees determined under subsection (1) shall be paid in the time and manner specified by an education and training board, subject to any directions of the Minister.

(3) An education and training board may provide for different fees, or exemptions from the payment of fees, or for the waiver, remission or refund of fees (in whole or in part) in different circumstances or classes of circumstances or for different cases or classes of cases and for the manner in which fees are to be disposed of.

(4) An education and training board may provide for the payment of reduced fees under this section having regard to the method of payment of the fees.

(5) An education and training board shall arrange for the publication on the internet of fees payable as soon as practicable after the fees have been determined under subsection (1).

(6) An education and training board may recover any amount due and owing to it under this section from the person by whom it is payable as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction.

(7) An education and training board may amend the fees determined under subsection (1) to take account of any change in the consumer price index since the determination of the fees for the time being in force, without the necessity for the consent of the Minister under subsection (1).

(8) For the purposes of this section, “change in the consumer price index” means the difference between—

(a) the All Items Consumer Price Index Number last published by the Central Statistics Office before the date of the last determination under this section, and

(b) the Number last published before the date of the amendment under subsection (7),

expressed as a percentage of the first-mentioned number.