Civil Defence Act 2012


Civil defence register.

16.— (1) Each register (in this section referred to as the “register”) established under section 35 of the Act of 2002 shall—

(a) continue in being,

(b) continue to be known, in relation to the local authority that established it, as the Register of Civil Defence Members, and

(c) continue to be maintained by that local authority.

(2) The register shall be kept in such form, and include such information, as the Minister may determine.

(3) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (2), the register shall include the following information:

(a) the name of each person appointed to be a civil defence member by the local authority concerned;

(b) the address at which the person ordinarily resides;

(c) the telephone number of the person;

(d) the person’s date of birth;

(e) the qualifications and experience of the person relating to civil defence;

(f) the date on which the person was appointed to be a civil defence member by the local authority concerned;

(g) a number by which it will be possible to identify the person.

(4) Subject to subsection (5), the register shall be kept at the offices of the local authority that established it and shall be made available for inspection by the following persons only:

F1[(a) the chief executive of the local authority concerned;]

(b) any member of staff of that local authority designated in writing for the purposes of this subsection by that county manager or city manager, as the case may be;

(c) the Minister or such officers of the Minister as the Minister may designate in writing.

(5) A civil defence member shall be entitled to inspect any entry in the register that relates to him or her.

(6) Where it comes to the notice of a local authority that information entered in the register maintained by it is incorrect, that local authority shall, for the purpose of ensuring that information entered in the register is correct, make such alterations to the register as it considers appropriate.

(7) If a particular entered in the register relating to a civil defence member is not correct or ceases to be correct, the civil defence member concerned shall, as soon as may be, so inform the local authority that maintains the register.




Substituted (1.06.2014) by Local Government Reform Act 2014 (1/2014), s. 5(8) and sch. 2 part 6, S.I. No. 214 of 2012.