Central Bank and Credit Institutions (Resolution) Act 2011


Bank may make money available.

81.ā€” (1) The Bank may, for the purpose of cooperating in the pursuit of Objective 1, and to facilitate the transfer of accounts of eligible depositors of the authorised credit institution concernedā€”

( a) make money available from the F29 [ Fund or, where appropriate, the legacy fund, ] or

( b) make payments and charge the payments on the F29 [ Fund. ]

(2) Section 8 of the Financial Services (Deposit Guarantee Scheme) Act 2009 shall apply in respect of payments charged on the F29 [ Fund ] under subsection (1)(b) as if the reference in that section 8 to a payment in accordance with the F29 [ Regulations of 2015 ] were a reference to a payment in accordance with this section.




Substituted (20.11.2015) by European Union (Deposit Guarantee Schemes) Regulations 2015 (S.I. No. 516 of 2015), reg. 32(d), in effect as per reg. 1(2).