Communications Regulation (Premium Rate Services and Electronic Communications Infrastructure) Act 2010


Application to High Court for immediate suspension of licence, etc.

8.— (1) Where the Commission considers that the immediate suspension of a licence is necessary to protect the users or potential users of any premium rate service provided by the licensee, until steps or further steps are taken under this Act, the Commission may, on notifying the licensee, make an application to the High Court for an order to suspend the licence.

(2) The High Court may determine an application under subsection (1) by—

(a) making any order that it considers appropriate, including an order suspending the licence of the licensee, the subject of the application, for such period or until the occurrence of such event, as is specified in the order, and

(b) giving to the Commission any other direction that the High Court considers appropriate.

(3) The Commission shall, on complying with a direction of the High Court under subsection (2)(b), notify the licensee concerned of the Commission’s compliance with the direction.