Public Transport Regulation Act 2009


Grant of licences.

7.— (1) Subject to this Part, the Authority may grant a licence in respect of a public bus passenger service.

(2) A licence shall specify the route that the public bus passenger service to which it relates must follow, the commencement and completion points of the service and any stopping points along the route.

(3) Where it is appropriate having regard to the category of public bus passenger service to which the licence refers, the licence may specify requirements in relation to the scheduling and frequency of operation of the public bus passenger service to which it relates.

(4) (a) Subject to paragraph (b), where the holder of a licence does not comply with a requirement specified in the licence under subsections (2) or (3), he or she commits an offence.

(b) It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section that a temporary alteration to the service in question had been made having regard to circumstances set out in guidelines prepared under section 23.