National Asset Management Agency Act 2009

Chapter 2

Effects of Acquisition of Bank Assets


NAMA to have rights of creditors after acquisition of bank assets.

99.— (1) After NAMA or a NAMA group entity acquires a bank asset, and subject to section 101 and any exclusion of obligations and liabilities from the acquisition set out in the acquisition schedule—

( a) NAMA and the NAMA group entity each have and may exercise all the rights and powers, and subject to this Act is bound by all of the obligations, of the participating institution from which the bank asset was acquired in relation to—

(i) the bank asset,

(ii) the debtor concerned and any guarantor, surety or other person concerned,

(iii) any receiver, liquidator, or examiner concerned, and

(iv) the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy,


( b) the participating institution ceases to have those rights and obligations except to any extent to which this Act provides otherwise.

(2) The reference in subsection (1) to the rights, powers or obligations of a participating institution in relation to a bank asset is a reference to the rights, powers or obligations, as the case may be—

( a) derived from the bank asset, and

( b) arising under any law or in equity or by way of contract.

(3) In particular, NAMA and the NAMA group entity may each—

( a) take any action, including court action, that the participating institution could have taken to protect, perfect or enforce any security, right, interest, obligation or liability,

( b) realise any security that the participating institution could have realised,

( c) call up any guarantee that the participating institution could have called up,

( d) participate to the same extent as the participating institution could have participated in any resolution, workout, restructuring, arrangement, reorganisation, scheme or insolvency proceeding in relation to the bank asset, and

( e) exercise any powers conferred by any document that forms part of the bank asset of reviewing or amending any term or condition of any part of the bank asset.