National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Limitation of certain rights of appeal to the Supreme Court.

194.— (1) The determination of the Court of an application for leave to apply for judicial review, of an application for judicial review, of an application for leave to apply for an order , or an application for an order, under section 182 , is final and no appeal lies from the decision of the Court to the Supreme Court in either case, except with the leave of the Court.

(2) The Court shall grant leave under subsection (1) only if that Court certifies that its decision involves a point of law of exceptional public importance and that it is desirable in the public interest that an appeal should be taken to the Supreme Court.

F16 [ (2A) On an appeal from a determination of the Court in respect of an application referred to in subsection (1), the Supreme Court

( a ) has jurisdiction to determine only the point of law certified by the Court under subsection (2) , and to make only such order in the proceedings as follows from that determination, and

( b ) shall, in determining the appeal, act as expeditiously as possible consistent with the administration of justice. ]

(3) This section does not apply to a determination of the Court in so far as it involves a question as to the validity of any law having regard to the provisions of the Constitution.




Inserted (21.12.2010) by Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010 (36/2010), s. 75 and sch. 1 part 5, S.I. No. 623 of 2010.