Land And Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009


Future advances.

111.— (1) Where a mortgage is expressed to be created on any land for the purpose of securing future advances (whether with or without present advances), the mortgagee is entitled, in priority to any subsequent mortgage, to the payment of any sum due in respect of any such future advances, except any advances which may have been made after the date of, and with express notice in writing of, the subsequent mortgage.

(2) In subsection (1) “future advances” includes sums from time to time due on a current account and all sums which by agreement or in the course of business between the parties are considered to be advances on the security of the mortgage.

(3) Save in regard to the making of such future advances the right to tack in any form is abolished, but without prejudice to any priority acquired by tacking before the commencement of this Chapter.

(4) This section—

( a) applies to mortgages made before or after the commencement of this Chapter,

( b) does not apply to registered land.