Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Act 2008


F80 [ Interpretation

94A. In this Part

competent authority , in relation to the State, means the Minister and, in relation to a member state, means the authority designated by that member state to be the competent authority of that member state for the purposes of the 2008 Council Decision (special intervention units);

crisis situation means any situation in which the competent authority or the competent authority of a member state has reasonable grounds to believe that, as a result of a criminal offence, there exists a serious direct physical threat to persons, property, infrastructure or institutions in the State or in that member state;

special intervention unit

(a) if and when operating in a member state, has the meaning assigned to it by section 94B ,

(b) if and when operating in the State, means a special intervention unit consisting of a law enforcement unit of another member state which is specialised in the control of a crisis situation. ]