Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Act 2008


Requests (general).

6.— (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act concerning particular requests, the relevant international instrument concerned has effect in the State in relation to—

( a) the form of the requests and the information they are to provide,

( b) the action that may be taken where a request does not comply with the provisions of the instrument or where the information provided is not sufficient to enable the request to be dealt with,

( c) any restrictions in the instrument in relation to the refusal of particular requests,

( d) any requirements in the instrument relating to the protection, disclosure, use or transmission of information or evidence received under it,

( e) the formalities and procedures in dealing with requests, unless those formalities and procedures are contrary to the fundamental principles of the law of the State, and

( f) the transmission and mode of transmission of requests, including, where so provided for in the instrument, transmissions via the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) in urgent cases.

(2) This Act applies only to requests made after the relevant international instrument has entered into force, or, as the case may be, has been applied, between the State and the designated state concerned.

(3) Requests received and not executed before the date on which they would fall to be dealt with under this Act shall be dealt with, or continue to be dealt with, as if this Act had not been passed.

(4) Requests shall—

( a) be addressed to the Central Authority, unless the relevant international instrument provides otherwise,

( b) where appropriate, indicate the relevant international instrument under which the request is being made, and

( c) be in writing or in any form capable of producing a written record under conditions allowing their authenticity to be established.

(5) Requests to a designated state and any supporting or related documents shall be accompanied, where appropriate, by a translation of the requests and of any such documents, or of the material parts of them, into the official language or one of the official languages of that state, unless it is known that such a translation is not required by the appropriate authority in the designated state concerned.

(6) Requests from a designated state and any supporting or related documents, if not in Irish or English, shall be accompanied by a translation into either of those languages of the requests and of any such documents or the material parts of them.

(7) The Central Authority may—

( a) accept requests and any supporting or related documents as evidence of the matters mentioned in them unless it has information to the contrary, and

( b) seek such additional information from the requesting authority concerned as may be necessary to enable a decision to be taken on a request.

(8) Action on a request may be postponed by the Minister if the action would prejudice criminal proceedings or a criminal investigation.

(9) Before refusing a request or postponing action on it the Minister shall, where appropriate and having consulted the requesting authority, consider whether the request may be granted partially or subject to such conditions as he or she considers necessary.

(10) Reasons shall be given for any such refusal or postponement.

(11) The Minister shall also inform a requesting authority of any circumstances that make it impossible to comply with the request or are likely to delay compliance significantly.