Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008


Amendment of section 12 of Juries Act 1976.

56.— Section 12 of the Juries Act 1976 is amended by substituting the following for subsection (1):

“(1) Each county registrar shall cause a written summons, in such form as the Minister may by regulations prescribe, to be served on every person whom the registrar has selected as a juror requiring the person—

(a) to attend as a juror at the court in question or other place specified in the summons for the reception of jurors on the day and at the time specified in the summons, and

(b) to thereafter attend at that court or place, as the case may be, or such other court or place as the court may direct, at such times as are directed by—

(i) the court, or

(ii) the registrar in any case where the registrar is authorised to do so by the court.”.