Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008


Amendment of Eighth Schedule to Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act 1961.

15.— The Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act 1961 is amended, in the Eighth Schedule—

(a) in paragraph 4, by substituting the following subparagraph for subparagraph (2):

“(2) The Master of the High Court shall have and exercise such powers and authorities and perform such duties and functions as are from time to time conferred on or assigned to him or her by statute, by regulations under section 3 of the European Communities Act 1972 or by rules of court and in particular (unless and until otherwise provided by statute, by such regulations or by rules of court) shall have and perform all such other powers, authorities, duties and functions as are vested in him or her by virtue of section 31(3) of the Act of 1926.”,


(b) by substituting the following for paragraph 21:

“Qualification of Registrar of Wards of Court.

21.— No person shall be appointed to be Registrar of Wards of Court unless at the time of his or her appointment he or she—

(a) is a practising barrister of not less than 10 years’ standing,

(b) is a barrister employed in one or more of the offices mentioned in paragraph 2 who, at any time prior to such appointment, has been so employed for a period of not less than 9 years, or for periods together totalling not less than 9 years, or

(c) is a person who at the time of the appointment is a member of staff of the Courts Service and holds such qualification or qualifications as the Courts Service, with the consent of the President of the High Court, determines to be appropriate for such appointment.”.