Chemicals Act 2008


Application to High Court regarding activity involving serious risk.

19.— (1) Where a national authority considers that any activity which involves or is likely to involve a contravention of the relevant chemicals statutory provisions and the risk therefrom to health or to the environment is so serious that that activity should be restricted or immediately prohibited until specified measures have been taken to reduce the risk to a reasonable level, the national authority may apply ex parte to the High Court for an order restricting or prohibiting that activity.

(2) The High Court may, upon an application under subsection (1), make such order as it considers appropriate.

(3) An order under this section shall have effect notwithstanding the terms of any permission given under any other enactment for the activity to which the application under this section relates.

(4) On an application by any person for the revocation or variation of an order under subsection (1), the national authority shall be entitled to be heard.