National Oil Reserves Agency Act 2007


F71[Management of biofuel obligation accounts.

44F. (1) On opening a biofuel obligation account under section 44E(1) or on granting an application under section 44E(3) to open a biofuel obligation account, the Agency shall issue the biofuel obligation account holder with an account number in respect of the biofuel obligation account concerned.

(2) Biofuel obligation accounts shall be opened and maintained in electronic form or in such other form as the Agency determines or in both forms and in accordance with such procedures as the Agency determines for the purposes of, but not necessarily limited to

(a) the opening, maintenance and closure of accounts, and

(b) the issuing, transfer, cancellation and revocation of biofuel obligation certificates and any other functions of the Agency under this Act relating tothe administration of the biofuel obligation.]




Inserted (1.07.2010) by Energy (Biofuel Obligation and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2010 (11/2010), s. 3, S.I. No. 322 of 2010.