Medical Practitioners Act 2007

F64 [ Duty of Council to decide on appropriate sanction in certain cases (Supervised Division).


71A . In the case of a medical practitioner who was previously registered in the Supervised Division but his or her registration in that division has ceased and he or she is not registered in any other division of the register, the Council shall, as soon as practicable after receiving and considering the report referred to in section 69(1) of the Fitness to Practise Committee in relation to a complaint concerning a medical practitioner where section 70(b) is applicable, decide that one or more than one of the following sanctions be imposed on the practitioner:

( a ) an advice or admonishment, or a censure, in writing;

( b ) a censure in writing and a fine not exceeding 5,000;

( c ) the attachment of conditions which are to apply to the registration of the medical practitioner where the practitioner applies for registration on the register, including restrictions on the practice of medicine that may be engaged in by the practitioner;

( d ) a prohibition on the practitioner from applying for a specified period for registration in one or more than one division of the register. ]