Building Control Act 2007


Proceedings at meetings of boards or committees.

71.— (1) A board or committee established under this Act by a registration body shall hold such meetings as it considers necessary for the performance of its functions.

(2) The chairperson and each other member of such a board or committee shall have a vote.

(3) At a meeting of such a board or committee, the chairperson or, in the chairperson’s absence a member chosen by those present, shall chair the meeting.

(4) Every question at a meeting referred to in subsection (3) shall be determined by a majority of votes of members present and the chairperson shall have a casting vote in the event of an equal division.

(5) The quorum for such a meeting shall be—

(a) 6 members in the case of a Professional Conduct Committee, or

(b) 4 members in any other case,

of which, subject to subsection (6), the majority shall be members who were nominated for appointment as members of the board or committee, as the case may be, by the Minister.

(6) There may be reckoned for the purposes of that majority the chairperson of the board or committee, as the case may be, if he or she is present at the meeting.

(7) An Admissions Board, Technical Assessment Board, Appeals Board or Professional Conduct Committee may perform its functions whether or not there is a vacancy in its membership and none of its proceedings are invalidated by any defect in the appointment of a member to it.