Consumer Protection Act 2007


Power to fix maximum prices during state of emergency.

62.— (1) If an emergency order is in force in respect of a product under section 61, the Government may by order fix the maximum price at which that product may be supplied by a trader to consumers.

(2) An order under subsection (1) may—

(a) limit the application of the order to a class or type of the product,

(b) specify conditions by reference to which a maximum price is fixed and may fix different maximum prices in relation to different conditions,

(c) apply to the whole State, to a particular geographical area in the State, or to the supply of the product by a particular class or type of trader,

(d) fix a maximum price by specifying it or by specifying the manner in which it is to be calculated, and

(e) provide for any incidental or ancillary matter (including a requirement that the product to which the order relates shall be sold only in specified units of weight, measure or volume) that the Government consider necessary or expedient to give full effect to any provision of the order or to secure compliance with it.

(3) Unless previously revoked, an order made under this section expires on the expiration of the emergency order in respect of which it is made.