Prisons Act 2007


Absence from prison on compassionate, etc., grounds.

39.— (1) The Minister may—

( a) on compassionate grounds, or

( b) for the purpose of assessing a prisoner’s suitability for early release or facilitating his or her re-integration into society, or

( c) to enable a prisoner to assist in the investigation of an offence,

order that he or she be taken to a specified person or place within the State for a specified purpose during a specified period and return at the end of that period.

(2) The order may provide that the prisoner shall be returned to the prison forthwith if, during the period so specified—

( a) the prisoner is not of good behaviour,

( b) a breach of the peace involving the prisoner occurs, or

( c) he or she attempts to escape from lawful custody or is helped by another person in so attempting.