Railway Safety Act 2005

Inquest in case of railway F101 [ accident or ] incident.


67.—(1) Where a coroner (within the meaning of the Coroners Act 1962 ) holds or is about to hold an inquest on the body of any person whose death may have been caused by a railway F101 [ accident or ] incident, this section has effect.

(2) The coroner shall notify the Commission of the time and place of the holding of an inquest not less than 72 hours before the time of holding the inquest.

(3) The coroner may in writing request the attendance of an inspector to assist in the holding of an inquest and on receipt of such a request the Commission may appoint an inspector or a person engaged under section 18 to assist in the holding of such inquest.

(4) Where an inspector does not assist a coroner under subsection (3) at an inquest relevant to this section and where evidence is given as to any neglect having caused or contributed to the railway F101 [ accident or ] incident or as to any defect in the operation of a railway appearing to a coroner or jury to require a remedy, the coroner shall send to the Commission notice in writing of the evidence of the neglect or defect.

(5) In addition to a notice specified in subsection (4), every coroner shall furnish to the Commission a written return in relation to an inquest to which this section applies and this return shall be in the format specified by the Commission, after consultation with the Coroners Society of Ireland.