Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005

Establishment and maintenance of registers.


36.—(1) The registration board of each designated profession shall—

( a) as soon as practicable after the board's establishment day, establish a register of members of that profession,

( b) enter in the register the name of every person granted registration by the board under section 38 or 91 F43 [ , or entitled, by virtue of section 79(4) (b) , to use a title referred to in section 79(1), (2) or (3) , ] and any other details relating to that person that are required by the Council under its rules, and

( c) maintain the register in accordance with the rules.

(2) If authorised by any rules made or guidelines issued by the Council, a register may be divided into the divisions specified in those rules or guidelines for different categories of registrants.