Maritime Safety Act 2005



14.—(1) Where the owner of, or of a share in, a craft, or a person permitted by the owner to operate the craft, is convicted on indictment of an offence under section 24 involving the dangerous navigation or operation of the craft, the court concerned may, in addition to any penalty that it may impose under that section, order the craft with its equipment, fittings and furnishings, or the appropriate share of it, to be forfeited to the authority within whose functional area the offence was committed and may make such other order as it considers necessary or expedient for the purpose of giving effect to the forfeiture.

(2) Whenever an order is made under subsection (1), an authorised person or a member of the Garda Síochána may, for the purpose of giving effect to it—

(a) seize and detain the craft,

(b) do such other things as are authorised by the order or are necessary.

(3) In this section “owner”, in relation to a craft, includes a person in possession of the craft under a hire-purchase agreement or a letting agreement.