Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Publication of names of certain persons.


85.—(1) The Authority may from time to time compile a list of names and addresses and the description of business or other activity of every person—

(a) on whom a fine or other penalty was imposed by a court under any of the relevant statutory provisions,

(b) on whom a prohibition notice was served under section 67, or

(c) in respect of whom an interim or interlocutory order was made under section 71.

(2) The Authority may at any time cause any list referred to in subsection (1) to be published in such manner as it considers appropriate.

(3) Any list referred to in subsection (1) shall specify in respect of each person named in the list such particulars, as the Authority thinks fit, of—

(a) the matter occasioning any fine, penalty, notice or order, as the case may be, imposed on the person, and

(b) any fine, penalty, notice or order occasioned by the matter referred to in paragraph (a).