Road Traffic Act 2004

Amendments of section 2 of Act of 2002 (endorsement of penalty points).


16.—Section 2 of the Act of 2002 is amended—

( a) in subsection (5), by inserting “or a person appointed under section 103 of the Principal Act” after “Garda Síochána” and “Commissioner”, and

( b) in subsection (6), by substituting for paragraph ( a) the following:

“( a) Where a person is convicted of a penalty point offence, the Minister shall be notified of the conviction by the Courts Service—

(i) in case an appeal is brought against the conviction and it is determined against the person, as soon as may be after such determination, and

(ii) in case an appeal is not brought against the conviction, as soon as may be after the expiration of the ordinary time for bringing such an appeal.”.