Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004

Intervention in a personal injuries action.


21.—(1) The Supreme Court may, upon an appeal to it in a personal injuries action, invite such persons as it considers appropriate to make submissions to the court—

( a) in relation to any matter concerning either liability or damages that it considers to be of exceptional public importance, and

( b) if the action belongs to a class of causes of action in which the same or a similar matter arises.

(2) The Supreme Court may perform functions under subsection (1) , either—

( a) upon receiving a request in that behalf from a party to the personal injuries action concerned, or from a person who is not such a party, or

( b) where no such request is made.

(3) Where a person declines an invitation to make submissions under this section he or she shall inform the court in writing stating his or her reason for so declining.