Residential Tenancies Act 2004

F238 [ Notification to parties of statement of disagreement under section 148I


148K. ... ]




Inserted by Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015 (42/2015), s. 64, not commenced as of date of revision.

Modifications (not altering text):


Prospective affecting provision: section inserted by Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015 (42/2015), s. 64, not commenced as of date of revision.

F238 [ 148K. (1) Where, pursuant to the notification under section 148I(1) , the party concerned provides the Board with a statement of disagreement, the Board shall

(a) acknowledge receipt of the statement of disagreement on notice to the party who made the application under section 148E , and

(b) notify both parties, in writing, of the matters specified in paragraph (b) of section 148H(1) .

(2) Following the notification under subsection (1)(b)

(a) where the parties subsequently agree on the amount of the deposit to be returned to one or both of them, the parties may make a joint agreed application under section 148C in respect of that deposit, or

(b) either of the parties may, subsequent to that notification, make a revised application and nothing in this Act shall be construed as preventing the party who did not make the revised application from providing a statement of agreement in respect of that revised application,

and section 148H(5) shall apply to the joint agreed application referred to in paragraph (a) .

(3) A notification under subsection (1)(b) shall be in writing and be made in the prescribed form.

(4) In this section revised application has the meaning assigned to it in section 148H . ]