Electoral (Amendment) Act 2004


Commission on Electronic Voting

Text of Terms of Reference

The Commission, which shall be independent in the performance of its functions, shall prepare a number of reports for presentation to the Ceann Comhairle on the secrecy and accuracy of the chosen electronic voting and counting system, i.e. the Powervote/Nedap system.

The Commission shall make one or more of such reports to the Ceann Comhairle not later than 1 May, 2004 comprising recommendations on the secrecy and accuracy including the application or nonapplication as the case may be of the electronic voting and counting of the Powervote/Nedap system for the European and Local Elections on 11 June, 2004.

The Commission's subsequent report or reports will record its views of the operation and experience of electronic voting and counting at elections.

In carrying out its work, it will be open to the Commission to review the tests already undertaken to validate the electronic voting and counting system, and to have further tests undertaken. It may also retain the service of such consultants or other persons that it considers are desirable.

The Commission shall be entitled to invite and consider submissions on such basis as it thinks appropriate.