Private Security Services Act 2004

Chief Executive.


10.—(1) There shall be a chief executive officer of the Authority (in this Act referred to as the “Chief Executive”).

(2) The Chief Executive shall, subject to subsection (3)(b), be appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the F5 [ Chief Executive of the Public Appointments Service ].

(3) The appointment shall either—

( a) be on such terms as the Minister may, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, determine and be subject to F5 [ Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004 ] and the Civil Service Regulation Acts 1956 to 1996, or

( b) be on such other terms and conditions as may be determined by the Authority and approved by the Minister with the consent of the Minister for Finance.

(4) The Chief Executive shall manage and control generally the staff, administration and business of the Authority and perform such other functions as may be conferred on him or her by or under this Act or by the Authority.

(5) The Chief Executive shall be responsible to the Authority for the performance of his or her functions and the implementation of the Authority's functions.

(6) Such of the functions of the Chief Executive as he or she may specify from time to time may, with the consent of the Authority, be performed by such member of the staff of the Authority as the Chief Executive may authorise in that behalf.

(7) The functions of the Chief Executive may be performed during his or her absence or when the post of Chief Executive is vacant by such member or members of the staff of the Authority as it may from time to time designate for that purpose.