European Arrest Warrant Act 2003

Surrender of person by issuing state to third state.


F60 [ 24. (1) The High Court shall refuse to surrender a person under this Act if it is satisfied that

( a ) the law of the issuing state does not provide that a person who is surrendered to it pursuant to a European arrest warrant shall not be extradited to a third country without the consent of the High Court and the Minister first being obtained, and

( b ) the person will be extradited to a third country without such consent first being obtained.

(2) It shall be presumed that, in relation to a person to whom a European arrest warrant applies, the issuing state does not intend to extradite him or her to a third country, unless the contrary is proved.

(3) The issuing state may request, in writing, the High Court to consent to the extradition to a third country by the issuing state of a person surrendered to the issuing state under this Act.

(4) The High Court shall give its consent to a request under subsection (3) if it is satisfied that

( a ) were the person concerned in the State, and

( b ) were a request for his or her extradition received in the State from the third country concerned,

his or her extradition pursuant to such a request would not be prohibited under the Extradition Acts 1965 to 2001. ]