Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001

Interpretation ( Part 4).


24.—In this Part—

“false” and “making”, in relation to an instrument, have the meanings assigned to these words by section 30 ;

“instrument” means any document, whether of a formal or informal character (other than a currency note within the meaning of Part 5) and includes any—

( a) disk, tape, sound track or other device on or in which information is recorded or stored by mechanical, electronic or other means,

( b) money order,

( c) postal order,

( d) postage stamp issued or sold by An Post or any mark denoting payment of postage which is authorised by An Post to be used instead of an adhesive stamp,

( e) stamp of the Revenue Commissioners denoting any stamp duty or fee, whether it is an adhesive stamp or a stamp impressed by means of a die,

( f) licence or certificate issued by the Revenue Commissioners,

( g) cheque, including traveller's cheque, or bank draft,

( h) charge card, cheque card, credit card, debit card or any card combining two or more of the functions performed by such cards,

( i) share certificate,

( j) certified copy, issued by or on behalf of an tArd-Chláraitheoir, of an entry in any register of births, stillbirths, marriages or deaths or in the Adopted Children Register,

( k) certificate relating to such an entry,

( l) a certificate of insurance,

( m) passport or document which can be used instead of a passport,

( n) document issued by or on behalf of a Minister of the Government and permitting or authorising a person to enter or remain (whether temporarily or permanently) in the State or to enter employment F6 [ or self-employment ] therein,

( o) registration certificate issued under Article 11(1)( e)(i) of the Aliens Order, 1946 ( S.I. No. 395 of 1946) F7 [ or the Immigration Act 2004 ],

( p) F8 [ public services card ],

( q) ticket of admission to an event to which members of the public may be admitted on payment of a fee;

“prejudice” and “induce”, in relation to a person, have the meanings assigned to those words by section 31 ;

“share certificate” means a document entitling or evidencing the title of a person to a share or interest—

( a) in any public stock, annuity, fund or debt of the Government or the State or of any government or state, including a state which forms part of another state, or

( b) in any stock, fund or debt of a body (whether corporate or unincorporated), wherever established.