Sex Offenders Act 2001

Duty of court to consider imposition of sentence involving post-release supervision.


28. —(1) In determining the sentence to be imposed on a sex offender in respect of the sexual offence concerned, the court shall consider whether to impose a sentence involving post-release supervision.

(2) In considering that matter, the court shall have regard to—

(a) the need for a period, after the offender has been released into the community, during which his or her conduct is supervised by a responsible person,

(b) the need to protect the public from serious harm from the offender,

(c) the need to prevent the commission by the offender of further sexual offences, and

(d) the need to rehabilitate or further rehabilitate the offender.

(3) For the purposes of this section, the court may, if it thinks it necessary to do so, receive evidence or submissions from any person concerned.