Sex Offenders Act 2001

Interpretation (general).


2. —(1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

“Act of 1861” means the Offences against the Person Act, 1861;

“Act of 1908” means the Punishment of Incest Act, 1908;

“Act of 1935” means the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1935;

“Act of 1990” means the Criminal Law (Rape) (Amendment) Act, 1990;

“Act of 1993” means the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act, 1993;

“conviction” (other than in sections 12, 22, 26(8) and 33) includes a finding of guilty but insane and “convicted” and cognate expressions shall be construed accordingly;

“court” means any court exercising criminal jurisdiction and includes court-martial;

“imprisonment” includes detention in Saint Patrick's Institution or the Central Mental Hospital and “prison” shall be construed accordingly;

“Minister” means the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform;

“remission from the sentence” means, in relation to the sentence imposed on a person, the remission which the person may earn from the sentence under the rules or practice whereby prisoners generally may earn remission of sentence by industry and good conduct;

“sentence” includes a sentence of imprisonment and any other order made by a court in dealing with a convicted person, including—

(a) an order under section 2(2) of the Trial of Lunatics Act, 1883, and

(b) an order postponing sentence;

“sexual offence” shall be construed in accordance with section 3 .

(2) In this Act—

(a) a reference to a Part, section or Schedule is to a Part or section of, or a Schedule to, this Act, unless it is indicated that reference to some other enactment is intended,

(b) a reference to a subsection or paragraph is to the subsection or paragraph of the provision in which the reference occurs unless it is indicated that reference to some other provision is intended.

(3) A reference in this Act to any enactment shall be construed as a reference to that enactment as amended, adapted or extended by or under any enactment.