Valuation Act 2001

Publication date for valuation lists.


21.F15 [ (1) A valuation order shall specify

(a) a date (in this Act referred to as the publication date ) on which the Commissioner proposes to cause to be published under section 23 a list comprising every relevant property that has been the subject of the valuation mentioned in the order, and the value of that property as determined by that valuation, and

(b) a date (in this Act referred to as the effective date ) on which that list becomes effective for rates purposes. ]

(2) Such a list shall be known, and is in this Act referred to, as a “valuation list”.

(3) F16 [ The publication date ] so specified shall not be later than 3 years after the date of the making of the valuation order.

(4) The Commissioner may, with the consent of the Minister, by order amend a valuation order by substituting a different publication date for the publication date specified therein F17 [ or a different effective date for the effective date specified therein ].