National Treasure Management Agency (Amendment) Act 2000

Fund investment services for other Ministers of Government.


29.—(1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), a Minister of the Government (other than the Minister) may, in relation to a fund or any part of a fund, request the Agency to perform, on his or her behalf, his or her functions in relation to the investment of the fund, or that part thereof, in accordance with an investment strategy determined by that Minister of the Government following consultation with the Agency and on such terms and conditions as may be agreed by the Agency and that Minister of the Government, and the Agency shall comply with any such request.

(2) A Minister of the Government shall, prior to the making of a request under subsection (1), obtain the consent of the Minister in relation thereto.

(3) A Minister of the Government shall, prior to determining an investment strategy for the purposes of subsection (1), consult with any other Minister of the Government who manages or controls, or both manages and controls, all or any part of the fund concerned.

(4) The Agency shall keep in such form as may be approved of by the Minister of the Government concerned all proper and usual accounts in relation to the performance by it of any function on behalf of that Minister of the Government under subsection (1), and it shall, whenever requested to do so by that Minister of the Government, furnish such accounts to him or her or provide him or her with such information in relation to such accounts as he or she may specify or both.