Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998

Notice of accommodation programme to certain bodies.


8.Before preparing a draft of an accommodation programme or, where appropriate, a draft of an amendment to or a replacement of the accommodation programme, F14 [ a housing authority shall ] give notice in writing of the intention to do so to—

( a) any F15 [ housing authority ] where the functional area of such F15 [ housing authority ] adjoins the functional area of the F15 [ housing authority ] preparing, amending or replacing the accommodation programme,

( b) F16 [ ]

F17 [ ( c ) the Health Service Executive, ]

( d) the local consultative committee concerned,

( e) such local community bodies as the F18 [ housing authority ] consider appropriate, and

( f) such other body as the F19 [ housing authority ] concerned consider appropriate having regard to all the circumstances, including voluntary or non-profit making bodies that are engaged in the provision of accommodation, shelter and welfare or any of them in the functional area concerned.