Dumping at Sea Act 1996

F52[Prosecution of offences by DPP.


12. (1) The Government, on the request of the Attorney General, may by order appoint a day from which the Director of Public Prosecutions, subject to subsection (2), is the prosecutor, in lieu of the Attorney General, of offences under this Act. That order shall be laid before each House of the Oireachtas as soon as may be after it is made.

(2) Any proceedings which have been instituted in the name of the Attorney General before the commencement of an order under subsection (1) are still pending and have not been determined before that commencement continue in the name of the Attorney General after that commencement.

(3) Section 11 of this Act stands repealed upon the commencement of an order made under subsection (1).]




Inserted (4.04.2006) by Sea Fisheries and Maritime Jurisdiction Act 2006 (8/2006), s. 103(d), commenced on enactment.

Editorial Notes:


Previous affecting provision: section repealed (3.11.2004) by Dumping at Sea (Amendment) Act 2004 (35/2004), s. 10, commenced on enactment; superseded as per F-note above.