Adoptive Leave Act 1995

Notification of intention to return to work in respect of leave taken under sections 42 and 43.


44.(1) An adopting parent who has been on adoptive leave under section 42 or additional adoptive leave under section 43 shall cause her employer (or, where she is aware of a change of ownership of the undertaking concerned, the successor) to be notified in writing of her intention to return to work and of the date on which she expects to return to work—

(a) at the same time that she causes her employer to be notified of her intention to take leave under either of those sections, or

(b) not later than 4 weeks before the date on which she expects to return to work,

whichever is the later.

(2) Subsections (2) and (3) of section 20 shall apply to an adopting parent taking leave under sections 42 and 43 and the references in those subsections to subsection (1) shall be construed as including a reference to subsection (1) of this section.


Editorial Notes:


This section is spent because it applies to placements under s. 42 within 10 weeks before commencement of the Act (20.03.1995, S.I. No. 64 of 1995).