Criminal Evidence Act 1992

Evidence through television link by persons outside State.


29. F43 [ (1) Without prejudice to F44 [ section 13(1) and (1A) ] , in any criminal proceedings or proceedings under the Extradition Acts, 1965 to 2001, a person other than the accused or the person whose extradition is being sought, as the case may be, may, with the leave of the court, give evidence through a live television link. ]

(2) Evidence given under subsection (1) shall be videorecorded.

(3) Any person who while giving evidence pursuant to subsection (1) makes a statement material in the proceedings which he knows to be false or does not believe to be true shall, whatever his nationality, be guilty of perjury.

(4) Proceedings for an offence under subsection (3) may be taken, and the offence may for all incidental purposes be treated as having been committed, in any place in the State.