Child Care Act 1991

F162 [ Definitions.


23O. In this Part

F163 [ authorised officer means a person appointed by the F164 [ Child and Family Agency ] under section 23S ; ]

F165 [ ]

private foster care arrangement means any arrangement or undertaking whereby a child is for more than 14 days in the full-time care, for reward or otherwise, of a person other than his or her parent or guardian, a person cohabiting with a parent or guardian or a relative, except where the child

( a ) is residing at a boarding school and receiving full-time education,

( b ) is in an institution managed by or on behalf of a Minister of the Government or F163 [ the F164 [ Child and Family Agency ] ] ,

( c ) is in an institution in which the majority of persons being cared for and maintained are being treated for acute illness,

( d ) is in an institution for the care and maintenance of children with a disability,

( e ) is in a mental institution within the meaning of the Mental Treatment Acts, 1945 to 1966,

( f ) is detained in a children detention school or children detention centre within the meaning of the Children Act, 2001,

F166 [ ( g ) is placed for adoption under an adoption order within the meaning of section 3 (1) of the Adoption Act 2010 or is the subject of an intercountry adoption effected outside the State recognised by that Act, ]

( h ) is in the care of F163 [ the F164 [ Child and Family Agency ] ] ,

( i ) is on holidays for a continuous period not exceeding 42 days,

( j ) is placed with a person or body for primarily educational purposes, or

( k ) is placed with a friend of the child s parent or guardian for a period not exceeding 42 days, while the parent or guardian is on holidays;

relative , in relation to a child, means a grandparent, brother, sister, uncle or aunt, whether of the whole blood, half blood or by affinity, and includes the spouse of any such person and any person cohabiting with any such person. ]