Dissolution of An Chomhairle, winding up and dissolution of Agency and winding up of Manpower Service.


18.(1) An Chomhairle shall, on the establishment day, become and be dissolved.

(2) The Agency shall, as soon as may be, after the establishment day, procure its winding up and dissolution and shall, as on and from that day, cease to perform any functions or exercise any powers or carry out any duties other than functions, powers or duties the performance, exercise or carrying out of which are necessary for the purposes of its winding up and dissolution.

(3) The Manpower Service shall, on the establishment day, be wound up.

(4) References in any Act of the Oireachtas passed before the establishment day or in any instrument made before the establishment day under an Act of the Oireachtas to An Chomhairle, the Agency or the Manpower Service shall, on and after that day, be construed as references to An Foras.