Industrial Training Act 1967

Fees payable to An Chomhairle.


38. (1) Where a person is taken into employment by way of apprenticeship in a designated industrial activity there shall be paid by him to An Chomhairle a fee (being a fee in respect of registration in the register kept under section 33 of this Act) of such amount as may be prescribed.

(2) Rules for the purposes of subsection (1) of this section shall require the consent of the Minister.

(3) Where An Chomhairle provides courses, facilities or services in relation to the training of persons An Chomhairle may charge and there shall be payable to An Chomhairle in respect thereof such fee (if any) as An Chomhairle shall determine: Provided that in case a person, at the instance of his employer, attends any such course or avails of any such service or facility, any fee payable to An Chomhairle in respect thereof shall be payable by, and only by, the employer.

(4) In default of being paid a fee under this section, An Chomhairle may recover it from the person (including a person who has not attained the age of twenty-one years) liable therefor as a simple contract debt in any Court of competent jurisdiction.

(5) An Chomhairle may, where it so thinks proper in any particular case, exempt a person from payment of any fee under this section.