Succession Act 1965


Administration of Assets

Estate of deceased to be assets for payment of debts and legal right.

[1285 (c. 19); 1357 (st. 1.c.11); 1695 (c. 12) ss. 7, 8; 1833 (c. 104); 1869 (c. 46)]


45. (1) The estate, whether legal or equitable, of a deceased person, to the extent of his beneficial interest therein, and the estate of which a deceased person in pursuance of any general power disposes by his will, are assets for payment of the funeral, testamentary and administration expenses, debts (whether by specialty or simple contract) and liabilities, and any legal right, and any disposition by will inconsistent with this section is void as against the creditors and any person entitled to a legal right, and the court shall, if necessary, administer the property for the purpose of the payment of the expenses, debts and liabilities and any legal right.

(2) This section takes effect without prejudice to the rights of incumbrancers.