Guardianship of Infants Act 1964

Proof of paternity in certain proceedings.


F11 [ 3A. Where in any proceedings before any court on an application for an order under this Act (other than so much of any proceedings as section 15 of the Act of 1987 relates to) in respect of a F12 [ child ] whose father and mother have not married each other, a person (being a party to the proceedings) is alleged to be, or alleges that he is, the father of the F12 [ child ] but that allegation is not admitted by a party to the proceedings, the court shall not on that application make any final order which imposes any obligation or confers any right on that person unless it is proved on the balance of probabilities that he is the father of the F12 [ child ] :

Provided that this section applies only where the fact that that person is or is not the father of the F12 [ child ] is material to the proceedings. ]