Civil Liability Act 1961



45.(1) Where, in cases falling within sections 16 or 17 or within subsection (1) of section 35, the defendant owing to ignorance of the facts omits to claim the benefit of the provisions therein contained, the defendant, notwithstanding that judgment has been given in the plaintiff’s favour, shall have a right to repayment by the plaintiff of such sum as the plaintiff should not have recovered in virtue of the said provisions.

(2) Where, as a result of the failure to obtain satisfaction of any judgment in whole or in part from one wrongdoer, other concurrent wrongdoers are compelled to bear a larger part of the plaintiff’s damage than they would otherwise have borne, or are compelled to pay a larger sum by way of contribution than they would otherwise have paid, they shall have a right of recoupment against such wrongdoer to the extent of the difference.