Greyhound Industry Act 1958

Officers and servants of the Board.


11. (1) Subject to subsection (2) of this section, the Board may appoint such and so many officers and servants as it shall from time to time think proper.

(2) F8[]

(3) The Board may at any time remove any officer or servant of the Board from being such officer or servant.

(4) There shall be paid by the Board to its officers and servants such remuneration and allowances as the Board may determine.

(5) An officer of the Board—

(a) shall not be beneficially interested in the ownership, control or operation of greyhound race tracks, the holding or conduct of public sales of greyhounds or the training of greyhounds for reward or in bookmaking, and

(b) when present on behalf of the Board at any race track meeting or coursing meeting, shall not engage in betting at the meeting or be beneficially interested in the ownership of a greyhound competing in a race or event at the meeting.




Deleted (1.10.2020) by Greyhound Racing Act 2019 (15/2019), s. 15(7), S.I. No. 399 of 2020.