Married Women’s Status Act 1957

Capacity of married women.


2. (1) Subject to this Act, a married woman shall—

( a) be capable of acquiring, holding, and disposing (by will or otherwise) of, any property, and

( b) be capable of contracting, and

( c) be capable of rendering herself, and being rendered, liable in respect of any tort, contract, debt or obligation, and

( d) be capable of suing and being sued, and

( e) be subject to the law relating to bankruptcy and to the enforcement of judgments and orders,

as if she were unmarried.

(2) Subsection (1) shall apply as between a married woman and her F1 [ spouse ] in like manner as it applies as between her and any other person.

(3) A married woman may act as a trustee or personal representative as if she were unmarried.

(4) F2 [ ]

(5) F2 [ ]